How'd You Like Your Steaks?!

Want to know what everyone’s preferences for steaks are! :yum:

  • Medium
  • Medium Well
  • Medium Rare
  • Rare
  • “Black & Blue”

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Just have to speak to the OCD in some of us. :slight_smile:

This should have been sorted in level of doneness. :slight_smile: I guess we’re presuming that no-one that cares enough about their food quality would have their steak well done? :slight_smile: (with you guys selling the Nano’s, you may see a lot of new faces in here) :slight_smile:

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Haha I should have ordered this in level of doneness - but too late now!

Does “Black and Blue” mean “well done” or does it mean bleu (more rare than rare) with a heavy sear (sometimes AKA “Chicago Blue”)?

Second part!

I guess it depends where you live because I know the bleu with heavy char as New York steak.

@Ember, you sure it wasn’t just a New York strip? :slight_smile:

Up here, we call it Chicago, but many places call it Pittsburgh.

The steel mill explanation would make sense as to how it came to be (and why they’d call it Pittsburgh), but why we call it Chicago? No idea. :slight_smile:

You can order any level of doneness as “Chicago” at the steak houses in Ontario - they just do a quick char on the steak after it’s done.

No sir. Down here in Australia black and blue steak has been called “New York” no matter what the cut.

@Ember that’s interesting! If I ever visit Australia, I know not to order the New York steak haha.

I just saw this topic/poll, so adding a comment to push to the top.
The Anova Community really needs sticky posts, or create a category to find these fun polls.

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Here’s a tip of my toque to KC.