I have allready made severall thing with my anova

The only thing that nevers goes well is the colour of my steak. The texture is ok, very soft but i’m not getting the pink colour

What’s am i doing wrong? 1 hour on 54 degrees for medium rare


Hmm! Maybe tell us a little about your process. What are you doing before and after sous vide? How does your sear look like?

I take it out of the refrigerator. Pepper salt and a l’orme olive oil
Vacuum sealing and i leave it there for one hour

After one hour with anova i make it dry and for one minute each side on the grill

That’s it

Silvio, isn’t food photography challenging?

It’s somewhat difficult for me to understand your meat colour challenge from your picture. It looks like a thick piece of steak cooked in the 52C - 54C range, right on the border line of rare to the low end of medium-rare and maybe a little short of time. If you never adjust your cooking temperature the colour of your steaks will never go well.

Can you be more precise in how the meat colour differs from your expectation? If you want the colour to be less red adjust your cooking temperature higher. Rare meat is deep red. Medium rare is less so, a few shades lighter, but In my experience pink meat is only achieved when cooked to medium or 60C.

I don’t believe i’ve ever seen meat that’s been a true pink, as in a Panatone pink or grocery store birthday cakes. As doneness increases meat redness decreases through lighter shades of red.

Suggestion: When taking a picture of food try to adjust the exposure so the colour range is more like reality. What you see is not what i see. Our combined eye and brain perceptions are adjusted while your camera gives you what is. Is that a white plate? Well, it looks grey to me and that indicates an increased exposure adjustment is needed, - more light. Ideally, for food you should adjust your camera’s setting so something pure white results in a pure white image in the final picture. Otherwise you shift colours across the spectrum.

If you can manage it, have defused light fall on the subject from above the lens and off to one side.

Nice sear.

Hi @Silvio

This doesn’t address your color issue, but if I were you I’d skip the olive oil. Per the tests I’ve seen you get better flavor if you don’t add fats to the bag when you sous vide you’re steak. Best of luck!

Agreed Mike, but folks seem to persist in adding fat to SV cooks. It’s likely a carryover habit from conventional cooking like measuring meat in pounds, hard to give up.