humidity along with temperature setting?

Is the humidity setup makes steam injection right at the beginning, or can only SYNC with the temperature setting (immediately, manual, when pre-heated…)?

Let’s say I’m setting up a simple procedure for only ONE step to bake @350F with 100% humidity. Does the steam injection starts RIGHT AFTER the oven is turned ON, or upon 350F is reached?


I just tested this on my own oven. It seems like the steam injection starts when you start the oven. Even if the target temperature has not been reached yet.

Thanks Jesper for your answer. What’s the sign you saw to know the steam injection starts upon the start of the oven? I’m curious… Because it’s hard to tell wheather or not having steam unless set 100% for a while. Weird thing is even when I use no steam at all, the vent is still shooting out steam… I have been very confused about it…