I know this is a REALLY tough question....

Because of course there are so many variables… But I was just asked on another forum > How much does it cost to operate a SV machine ? So, lets say we are talking a 1000 wt unit. Now lets say the ambient temp is 75F degrees, and we want to cook at 135F. “Approximately” what are we talking about in $$$ for 24 hrs ? (and btw, the person asking me was on a Vanilla extraction page… So we are talking about 4 to 8 days, 24 hrs a day, or maybe more !
For those of us using a SV machine like this, some good insulation for our tubs will probably be a good idea, huh ?
I’m just using the standard 12 qt Rubbermaid, with a neoprene cover, but this Winter I might add 2" of Styrofoam, all the way around…

Hi Chris, a few years ago someone posted here the results of measuring the amount of electricity consumed during an extended SV cook. I can’t find it now, but you can relax, it was nickels and dimes, not dollars, unless you are paying peak Texas rates.

Your upgraded insulation is increasingly economical thinking. During winter in your garage you might not want your tub on the garage floor either.

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Here is an article that may interest you Chris. Spoiler it is about $0.15 per 24 hours.

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Thanks John, that’s interesting information.

The study is 5 years old and used a cost $0.15/kwh. Easy to update using your recent power bill.

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TYSM John :slight_smile: Pretty small price to pay… even for 8 days, 24/7… when you consider that I’m doing a half gallon (or 3/4’s) of extract that is worth about $150-225 :wink:

Yea, ours would cost more… but as long as it isn’t $'s per day, I’m good :slight_smile:

Nice math up in here :wink:

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Sounds like you are going into business / doing farmers markets maybe?
In which case a plug in power meter programmed to your household tariffs is a pre-requisite for judging within +/- 2% what your product cost is, especially if you have a variable night time rate like we do in the uk (if signed up to it)

If so, then depending on your states legislation you may wish to produce neutral spirit from a basic sugar wash instead of vodka for your gallons of lovely vanilla extract & have effective costings for the tax man.

Here in the UK you can get a “rectifiers license” from govt for small scale gin production but other forms of what is perceived as “distillation” (alcohol) is illegal although changing slowly, obviously you could buy neutral spirit for small scale tax revenue paid for product & still be cheaper than vodka from costco et al.

Keeping hold of your product costings at all stages is essential (accountancy & general viability) …as much as it is for household operation.

As highlighted elsewhere, your costings are location, season, & insulation dependent, the sous vide process is very frugal but can always be fine tuned, this is where “skip diving” for insulation foam board is very cost effective when others in your neighbourhood are renovating & insulating with decent materials (IE NOT glassfibre) .if you find any seal the open sides with aluminium tape & make a big coffin for a “rib racks capable” cooler for batch cooking production, you will see a big difference especially bearing in mind the cost of recent vanilla harvests & the bottom line of “by the lb pod market” :wink:

Do it for the planet & your pocket.

Actually, not a business for us “yet”… although we have tossed the idea around for a bit :slight_smile: We just use a LOT of vanilla, in the stuff we use it in. My initial guess was 1 to 1 1/4 gallons a year… But after less than a month, it looks like we might be using closer to 2 gallons ! Much of that in my daily coffee. Only a couple spoons… but sometimes those spoons spill over a bit when I’m pouring them :wink: lol Here soon I will have 2 3/4 gallons at some stage of aging… although the SV’d stuff can be used immediately :slight_smile:

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There might be a business opportunity for you there Chris.

Chris, The Vanilla Moonshiner, - sounds interesting.

And it provides Anova with another APC marketing benefit to stimulate sales. Everyone wins.

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That is so cool, man!

You might want to get an alcohol blow test kit to see what you are actually imbibing if you are a big time coffee hound.

What ABV / proof is your extract before & after sous viding?

Nah… I only drink one mug of coffee per day. Granted, it’s a 22 oz mug and it’s about 2.5 X’s strength. So I think it’s pretty close to the equivalent of one pot… Which lots of coffee drinkers drink … only I do it in one mug :wink::+1: So only two teaspoons of Vanilla extract.

Btw, my 200 hour SV extract will be finished tonight :+1:

As Chatnoir pointed out, it’s peanuts.
Here’s my original post:

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