Is dehydrating in the APO a thing?

Just received 80 pounds(!?!) of grape tomatoes. They are ripe. I can make tomato jam, ketchup, and a few other things, but 80lbs? Is is possible to dry these in the APO? As I said, these babies are ready to cross the line in a day or so, and unfortunately they have been refrigerated, so any speedy help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Yes it will dehydrate. You will need to choose the temperature. Dehydrating is done from 100° to 200° F depending on the results you are looking for.

Thanks for the input. I was unable to dislodge the sous vide setting (my tablet with the app was dead) and I set it at 135F with sous vide on and 0% steam, but the moist air needed to be vented manually. I’ve charged the tablet and will try it again. I just put the tomatoes that wouldn’t desiccate into my standard oven at 170F, and they seem to be drying nicely. I have so many tomatoes I’m going to enlist the aid of neighboring ovens! Thanks again.