Labeling food storage bags

Just a long shot, but has anyone found an ideal way to label ziplock, vacuum bags, etc. that doesn’t smear? I’ve tried Sharpies - and have used them for a long time - but they don’t really perform very well, and often, after several sessions of shifting things around in the freezer, the labeling seems to smear or disappear with moisture, etc.

Freezer tape under-performs, too, coming loose too often.

If nothing else, this is an opportunity waiting for some enterprising entrepreneur …

I use an Artline 770 Freezer Bag Marker. As long as your bag isn’t wet or too greasy it should work like a charm.

I think it might also depend on the brand of bags. Years ago, I was using Wilton brand vacuum bags, no sharpie would stick or stay written on those. I finally discovered that the Bic Markit permanent pens had no problem with the writing staying on the bag.

I’ve since changed brands of bags, and found that the “Industrial” Sharpie, which is different than the regular black one, holds up much better than the normal ones. Also I discovered quite by dumb luck that the dark blue holds up as well as the industrial.