Lamb shank in Anova Precision Oven

Any ideas or info on cooking lamb shank in the oven, on the middle rack at 135 F, sous vide, 100 % steam? I am thinking I will salt it and check toughness at 4 hours (no way I expect it to be tender but want to get to see what, if anything 4 hours will do for the lamb)and then if still very tough every 12 hours til tender.
Picanha steak ( I know, totally different but I am just starting to get some experience with the oven) at 133F was very tender but a tad too done, next time i will try 129. 4 hours was fine. Trying lamb at 135F because I like lamb cooked a bit more then beef.

Hi Mal, in recipe development an adjustment factor of 2 is the standard. Increasing from 4 to 12 hours, or 3X, might not give you sufficiently precise information.

Please share the results of your research and thanks in advance.

You might be interested to know that proponents of Modernist Cuisine cook Lamb Shanks for 72 hours at 141F. I’ve not tried that as i prefer the traditional braise.

At 135, it will take quite a while for the lamb shank to be tender. 48+ hours likely. At 165, you can probably get away with 12-16 hours!

Thanks for the help. I will change to 4 hour test then every 8 hours. I sort of expect it to take 48 or more hours. Just want to see if that is what I had last year in a restaurant, but they closed up before I could find out.

I am curious as to texture at 135 vs 165. My hope is at 135 cut’s like lamb chop but juicier and more tender, vs at 165 sort breaks away when teased with a fork.

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Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Hey Malk, what’s your plan for the sauce component of the dish?

The long caramelization of the aromatics with woody herbs is what gives restaurant lamb shanks their special appeal.

I am planning on using rosemary, garlic, basil, sage, smoked paprika cumin and pepper

Malk, for the best result add a chiffonade (mince) of the basil and sage to the sauce near the end of its cooking time. Otherwise you’ll never know you used any.

Starting your sauce with some tomato paste will add richness, colour, and aroma.

So this is what has worked so far. It was great. Really juicy tasty good chew.
Recipe sous vide in THE oven lamb shanks 8/2021
Rub with salt and rub.
Cook at 160 f / 161.5 F probe 5 hours
Make gravy: onion garlic tomato, tomato past,sweet red pepper, garlic, pepper, cumin, parsley, basil leafs, bay leave green onion radishes beef broth red wine
Brown in olive oil, onion first rest as desire but brown flour before adding liquids. Then bring to boil and drop to simmer uncoverd til right thickness. Correct seasoning, add some more garlic parsley etc

Cut meat off bone and mix all with gravy and serve. If small shanks (mine was 1.2 pound,) just serve uncut if desired.

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Congratulation on your success, Malk.

Your recipe sharing is appreciated, thank you.