Leg of Lamb

Hi, I’m confused, to cook leg of lamb with bone (includes shank) is 24 hours but shank alone is 48 hours?

If you are referring to the confit shank the 48 hours is the total time for the recipe completion. It requires 24 hours of curing and 24 hours of cooking. The timer set by the app is incorrect.

@AlyssaWOAH, would you be so kind as to get this corrected please?

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Yes, of course. I’m confused to which recipe though - is this the one that needs to be corrected? @Ember

Oh, actually I see what you’re saying. It’s the timer set by the app that’s incorrect. On it!

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Thanks Alyssa. The timer gets set to the full 48 hours rather than 24 hours for cooking.

Even step 4 of the link states 48 hours, not just the app.

@AlyssaWOAH, perhaps you could clarify with the contributors, because the description says half the time is spent waiting for the shank to cure and it gives the total time as 48 hours.

Thank you so much for catching this. I am going to have it fixed on both ends today.

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