Bone in leg of lamb

Any ideas on times. Bone out is not an option.looking for a nice carve medium to well-done. No mushiness.
Searching web is full of contrary info.
I’ve to decide how to proceed in the morning uk time.

All the best.

I find the Serious Eats and Chef Steps websites are the best, most trustworthy references.

Here’s one from Chef Steps (sorry… it’s Anova’s opposition) that should do as a jumping off point.
Mastering Leg of Lamb

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Ta. I’ve been round the block and started there 24hrs then a 2-3 day the a no more than 15hrs.
Think I’ll do a 15 @ 60 then see how we go even re bag and chuck it in again.
Amazed at how few posts - we must be cutting edge.
Thanks for getting back.

All the best

No problems @Thumper. Actually, after your post I decided to grab a leg of lamb from the freezer and have gone for the 24 @ 55 in the Frankenesky. My gut feeling is the texture will be a little overcooked for my liking, but we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you’ll report your results so we can compare notes.

I get the feeling that lamb is not really to the American taste.

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I seemed to have messed up posting a reply - I’ve chosen recipes and will post an update tomorrow.
Upload button didn’t post my reply.
I worked in Huston Tx and cooked a traditional roast lamb Sunday dinner. Most regarded lamb as offal I found out later.

Happy to advise the 24hr at 55°C was awesome. I was worried it would produce a meat that was too soft and squishy but fears were unfounded.

I didn’t follow the ChefSteps recipe for anything other than time and temp and the oven finishing temp.

Cooked the leg with a little garlic and a few rosemary sprigs in the bag and finished with nothing more than salt before browning in the oven to get a true idea of the outcome.

To quote my partner it was “the lambiest tasting lamb.” As a lamb lover, I’ll take that as a good thing. And the cold leftovers made amazing sandwiches.

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Good news. Glad yours work out - I went for 24 @ 58.5 as worried about rareness. Coated lamb in a rose harrissa paste and a few slices of preserved lemon. Delish, although next time I will drop down to 55.
Whole spatchcock chicken next Sunday maybe with a Spanish or Portuguese twist.


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Old topic I know, however Lamb isn’t so commonplace elsewhere (where the cow steak appears king) …I’m 24 hr 'ing in a coleman cooler a whole leg, it will be resting on a rib holder to elevate it & improve circulation, after doing lamb chump steaks the other week (which kicked beef steaks ass for flavour & tender meat the family decided we should go bigger on a different cut, simple rosemary, glug of truffle oil & some half decent balsamic / wine.

I did find a recipe on the anova app (search: “bone in leg of lamb”) in 2022 which is what i’ll be using for this hunk. …we don’t care about easter religious BS just the meat to be as good as we can get it.

Damn the mindset of folk who “think” Lamb as offal (are you sure it wan’t their accent)!? :wink: