4-lb lamb roast day in advance

I am serving a 4-4.5 lb boneless leg of lamb for Easter. I have a recipe for sous vide leg of lamb cooked to 132º that takes 10-12 hours. That is too long a time to cook, sear and serve at the time I need to serve it. Can I sous vide it the previous day, chill overnight, then finish the sear on a grill the next day? What is the best way to preserve the doneness while practicing good food safety? I have read about doing this for steaks, but not for a roast. Any help appreciated.

I assume that when you say it’s too long it’s because you’ll be serving at lunch time, right? You could as well cook it for a longer time 15-18 hours and start the evening before.
Doneness being driven by the temperature it would be OK, texture might change a bit from a 10 hour cook and it would IMHO be less risky wrt food safety.

other views?

Yes, I think you are right. Since my lamb leg turned out to be a little heavier and thicker, I think the extra time will be ok. I appreciate your response.

how did you do it in the end, and how was it?

Thanks for checking! We went with 10 hours for a 5-lb leg. We marinated it, sealed it, got up at 4:30 am, put it in by 5 am and ate at 3:30. My husband grilled it for about 3 minutes/side for a nice crust. It was delicious and everyone complimented its tenderness and taste. Very little was left. I appreciate your suggestions and your follow-up. Now I know to whom to address any other questions that arise! (But I promise not to be a pest🙂)