Need HELP for Lamb Shoulder Roast recipe

The recipe on the Anova website (by Emily Farris) does not display when selected.
So… I’ve gone to a few sites to get how I should sous vide my 2.2 lb. Lamb Shoulder roast.

One tells me 131 degrees (med rare) for 1-2 days.
The other 134 degrees for NO MORE than 14 hours. They say its gets ‘mealy’ as it loses too much fat in the meat when cooked longer

Anybody have any pointers??? Only my 2nd time using it.

I do lamb shoulder for 36 hours at 130-135F. If someone is getting ‘mealy’ tasting lamb from the process they’re using crap lamb. The fat doesn’t render at these temperatures so I’d completely disregard anything that the person who says it gets ‘mealy’ has to say.

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