Blade of lamb without bone

I use the Anova still for a while and I want to make a blade of lamb (2,2 kg) sous-vide.
On internet I find wide ranging values of the temp. and the time.
70°C for 13 hours
68°C for 10 hours
55°C for 8 hours
Can anyone give me and the correct temperature and the correct time.
The meat must be medium rare and the thickness is about 6 à 7 cm.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Medium rare means 55C. Never cooked blade of lamb. I’d look at 12 hrs at least.

You’ve got some decisions to make, Lou.

Correct times and temperatures should be based on your expected outcome for that piece of meat and bone, not some strangers.

As Ember recommended use the use the 55°C for 8 hours if you like your meat pink with a great chewing experience.

I prefer a braised Lamb Shoulder cooked long with a very moist and tender result. I would cook one that size for at least 24 hours, 36 wouldn’t be too long for some lamb depending on age and heritage. Be prepared to deal with a lot of fat and bone, not much meat.