Lamb Fillet

I am new to Sous Vide cookery (and don’t want to get it all wrong from the start!)

I have just bought a 20oz lamb fillet from Costco (already vacuum-packed) and I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it safe to cook the fillet in the pack (it certainly looks OK)
  2. More importantly, I’m having difficulty finding any lamb-related temperature and timing settings (seems like steak, chicken and pork are the only meats cooked sous vide!). Can anyone please help?

When you say lamb fillet do you mean the eye removed from a rack? Or a boned loin? Or a lamb tenderloin?

Either way, it will need little more than bringing up to temperature equilibrium (same temperature as the water bath.) That can be calculated roughly at 30 mins per half inch of thickness.

Now… Temperature is always going to be a matter of preference. How do you like your lamb? To me lamb has to blush. So, I work between 54C-60C/130F-140F. 99% of the time I’m working in the lower end of that bracket, unless I am cooking for someone else. Then I will creep it up toward the top end of that bracket. If I am cooking for someone that can’t stand pink then I will cook at a higher temperature than that for my guest’s preference and cry quietly into my wine about the desecration of a beautiful piece of meat.

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Many thanks for your help, Ember. It’s a little hard to answer your first question, though. The piece is about 12 inches long and about an inch deep, weighing in at 16 ounces. Does that help? I’ve a feeling it’s a boned loin (but not too sure).
Does this mean (as per your explanation of temperature equilibrium) that ~55C for a minimum of an hour sounds about right?

Yup. That’ll do it. You can go a bit longer with no issues. Up to 4 hours will really make no difference if it’s more convenient.

For some more “general” info on cooking lamb perhaps the following link might also be useful…

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