What am I doing wrong?

I have loved my Anova Sous Vide since I received it in December 2014.  But lately I do not seem to be able to recreate my earlier fantastic results…

Last week, I cooked loin lamb cops as recommended in the recipe “Morrocan Lamb with Prunes and Honey”  and while flavorful, they were overdone.

Yesterday I cooked 4 one-inch New York Strips at 132*F for 90 minutes and all three were closer to medium than the medium rare I was going for.  The temp was 3 degrees below what some of the sous vide cooking guides call for and it was still overdone.

Any guidance or advice would be welcome!

Do you have a fairly accurate thermometer to test the bath with? How are you searing? Perhaps you are not using a hot enough pan or grill. This is odd as there are not many things to look at and you are using the right temperatures.