Cooking time and temperature for a shoulder lamb chop

I received an Anova Precision Cooker as a gift and want to use it to to cook a fully defrosted shoulder lamb chop. A have a vacuum sealer and vacuum sealer bags and am not looking for any recipe. I just want to know how long to cook it and at what temperature. I’d like the chop to come out medium. I don’t want to have to sear it at all, or use any other method in the cooking process.

Edit - I am new to this and don’t know whether is is safe to eat Sous Vide meat without pre or post searing? Is it safe?


I would go with 140°F/60°C for 2 hours for medium lamb chops.

It is safe to eat meat that has been cooked to the proper temperature/time profile without searing. Searing adds flavor and improves the appearance of the meat. I often cook pork tenderloin and use it on salads with a very light sear.

Don’t be afraid of searing. Using a hot pan and a bit of oil it will brown up nicely. Remember to use a paper towel to dry the meat first to get a better coating. When I started overcooking was a concern I had that turned out not to be an issue.

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I would do 140/2 hours as well, as suggested already! You can definitely eat it without searing, but I would urge you to try it!

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For one, 1 inch lamb chop, I ended up going with 147 F /63.89 C for 60 minutes, and not searing. It came out quite rare, but not undercooked: I didn’t let the juices go to waste :slight_smile:

The lamb chop was quite delicious, but I am going to get a chop more well done next time.

Thanks for the replies.


I tried the glased recipe and came out super.

24h @ 79 degrees super tender, moist but didnt need a knife at all. Just pull and eat. All the fats were in the sauce which was reduced and then densified with potato starch a little bit.

I just used vinegar and tomato paste for the sauce + garlic and rosemary all in the bag.

The beauty of glaze is that you dont have to sear the meat after being cooked. It is ready to serve.