Single Diner Mary had a little LAMB

The entrée tonight at Chez Timmy is a small portion of lamb tenderloin (Australian via California Costco), cooked Sous Vide, 132F degrees for 2 hours. Green beans on the side and a glass of cheap Vin Rouge :yum::plate_with_cutlery::wine_glass: – Thanks friends down under. Tasty as…


Looks tasty AF! :wink:


You’re most welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

Oh my! Posting pics like that is almost cruel! :slight_smile: Definitely salivating now…will need to plan a lamb night one night soon - been too long.

Thanks for sharing!!! :slight_smile:

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How did you sear it?

Finishing: First DRY lamb well after removing from bag. SCREAMING hot cast iron skillet with 1 Tbl of Avocado oil. Seared 45 secs / side. Optionally, add 2 Tbl sweet butter and rosemary sprig to the Avocado oil and continually pour the hot liquid (oil/butter) over the lamb during the searing process with a deep spoon.

Btw, I season the lamb before cooking with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and spring of rosemary on EACH side before bagging.

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Outstanding Mr. Timmy!

That’s the preferred restaurant technique using sous vide and chilled lamb tenderloins. Don’t often see them anymore.

Thanks for sharing.

Were you happy with the tenderness? I find that lamb, at least shoulder and leg, benefits from longer cooking times. It looks wonderful.

It WAS wonderful! :slight_smile:

I suppose YMMV any time you make a dish, but this one has been wonderfully tender for me every time I do this cut of lamb. Of course it IS labeled Lamb TENDERloin so there’s that. :wink:

If you seared it too much you might end up with well done, and that would ruin it for me.

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