Rack O' Lamb & Garlic / Rosemary Mashed Potato - All SV

Both these menu items are on regular rotation at Chez Timmy because they’re SO easy and SO tasty. Also, single folk can do just a 1/2 Rack of Lamb and zap leftover portion of mashed potatoes.

So here’s some plated food porn from last night. :wink:



Ohh my God! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Looks good. Would you be willing to share some info and experiences on the cooking of the lamb?

Happy to share some notes on how I cook the rack of lamb. First, I basically use the Serious Eats recipe that they licensed to Anova and that you can find in the Anova app. I cook at 133 (or 132.5) for 2 hours.

Next, a shout out to our friends down under who grow the tasty rack of lamb that I buy at Costco for $18.?? each. THANKS, Australia! :+1:

After cooking a 4 rib portion (right for 1 person) SV I make sure to dry the rack WELL before finishing.

Last, I DO use the aromatics (Rosemary, butter and chopped garlic for me) basting process to add an extra layer of flavor to the end result. Not that you can see that from the photo. :wink:

Truth be told, rack of lamb SV is dead easy. – I can’t provide any insight into cooking other cuts of lamb, but I’ll bet a search of this forum will pop good hints from real cooks.


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Appreciate the info. Currently I have a bunch of cuts of lamb that aren’t what I normally work with on the smokers, so I’m looking for ideas.

Happy to take part of the credit for it. You’re welcome @MrTimmy. But the economics of it always has me amazed, even allowing for exchange rates you can buy it at half the price I can and It’s been on an overseas trip.

BTW, the lamb looks seriously delicious.

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