Lamb vs. goat - differences in cook times

We are in love with this 24-hour goat curry recipe (with our own modifications). Our usual supplier of goat was out of it, and so we got lamb stew cubes instead. I was thinking about doing the same recipe, but with lamb.

Doing a bit of research online, it seems like goat cooks more like tough lamb. The recipe, when using goat, calls for 24 hours at 179ºF/82ºC. Any thoughts on what modifications I should make for lamb? Lower temperature? Shorter time? Both?

Ed, recipes often don’t successfully translate between meats. In this case consider that lamb is usually harvested at a significantly younger age than any goat i’ve known.

You may want to save that recipe for goat and use a lower temperature and a shorter time with lamb cubes. I would find lamb cooked for that long at that brutally high temperature unpleasant, more like Curried Pulled Lamb.

For very Well Done lamb you may consider cooking it at 155ᴼF/68ᴼC for about 6 hours, - but don’t tell anyone i suggested that. Cubed lamb cooked at 140ᴼF/60ᴼC for 4 to 6 hours will have an enjoyable texture and flavour.

In order to have an outcome similar to braised lamb you may want to pre-sear the lamb in a heavy skillet or casserole and then SV cook.

Do well.

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Thank you, @Chatnoir. I’ll try that!

My pleasure Ed.

Please share your results with the Community along with any adjustments you make.

Keep well.