Lambs liver cook temp & duration timings?

Wife brought me home some very fresh glossy lambs liver (which only I eat despite us all eating lamb hearts)

Whilst I am aware of the congealing effect of this soft organ put to water, I can live with that, but should I still flour dip it after to help texture & coating adherence for a quick pan colour finish?

& of course temps & times, perused the site via PC but nothing there …help appreciated, good liver has a very finite shelf life (even at 2c / 36f in the fridge)

The “lets talk organ meats” thread was mostly heart based

I think i’ll stick this link in my profile as a reminder that many queries here go unanswered longer than the item to be cooked can be kept for…

Lambs liver * (medium-rare) - 62°C 143.6°F 60 minutes 120 minutes

Well that ruined a treat.
Too damn soft, trying to save it by sticking it in the airfryer for 5 minutes (pan finish was rubbish) but basically the medium rare is like mush, with none of the traditional pan fried joy.

I stuffed the remainder in the fridge whilst I ponder whether even the dogs would eat it (ps vets saying liver for dogs is dangerous is a pile of BS perpetuate by vets, none of them have ever quantified it by weight nor strength, they are likely very much unaware, we have fed all our dogs liver & heart over the years, big difference between pig, lamb, ox, chicken livers.

Anyway, sous vide liver …don’t unless you are a born masochist.

Thank you for the experiment.

It really was, I saw a you-tube sous vide (as a rare example) but their description of “tender” was likely so off the mark compared to the regular flour & pan fry feel that it was misleading.

Having firmed it up overnight in a 2c fridge I will throw it back into the frying pan tonight, but I think it’s a literal “dogs dinner” for them tonight.

Last post on the debacle.

Today I tried to pan fry it cold, it remained more or less mush, not able to hold itself together & breaking apart further, before, pan, during pan, after pan…

I still ate it as a breakfast component & didn’t waste time flouring it, it didn’t deliver (& i’ve been eating steamed rice with lemon ponzu for many meals for the past 7+ days)

While it will be an excellent treat for your dogs, why don’t you instead try to salvage it by making it into a liverwurst or pate kind of thing? I, of course, have no idea what I’m talking about.

It was eaten, at breakfast, every piece scrutinised out of the frying pan :wink:

Only thing is I now need some liver for a “do over” …feeling cheated of your food is to still feel hungry.
Pate is a funny thing where I am the only person eating it at home, & I am very fussy about it (wife bought the wrong stuff too often, leaves me to it)