Leaving in water when Anova turned off

Ok looked all over and maybe answer somewhere idk. I went threw the thread on the whole beeping issue and see there no answer. So to solve it I have a smart plug that I set a timer when The Anova done cooking. This kills the power to the Anova turning it off. Question is can I leave food in the water and how long with it not effecting the food being cooked. Since the Anova is off the water will cool down over time. All food I cook after taking out of water I sear so don’t matter to me if it not warm. So question again how long can I leave food submerged in water with Anova off?

Thank you

The reason why the Anova keeps going when the timer has finished is for food safety. It is not desirable to leave food in the water bath to cool down. While the food may be pasteurised, there are still food safety issues to be considered.

Gothic, the short answer is don’t do it.

Why do you want to leave your cooked food to decline in quality in the water?

Long answer is about determining just how harmful you want your food to be. It’s probably best to create your own temperature gradient flow chart. You can calculate that by employing your knowledge of mathematics using the following variable details very time you cook using your smart plug:

  • water temperature at the end of the cook,
  • the combined mass of water and food,
  • ambient temperature
  • the heat loss rate of your cooking vessel.

Once you have completed that you can precisely determine when and for how long your food will be in the FDZ, Food Danger Zone, which is below 140F and above 40F. USDA Food Safety scientists have determined that 4 hours is the maximum cumulative time allowable for food to be in the FDZ.