London Broil, Where’s The Juice?

I have SV London Broil Twice. Both instances the results were dry. Here is what I did, 2.5 pounds:

Poked 1/4 inch holes on both sides of meat
Marinated overnight
Dried meat and applied rub of salt, pepper, ground onion and garlic
Vacuum bagged
cooked 12 hours/ 132 degrees
Pat dry
Finish in very hot cast-iron skillet with vegetable oil and butter. Quicky turned meat so butter side up and searzalled top with modest caramelization and turned and did same…old told about three minutes finishing

Result: Beautifully pink medium rare, perfectly tender…bag had about 1.5 cups of liquid…no juice in the meat. Any ideas?



What cut are you using? And what thickness? As a foreigner, London Broil translates as a method rater than a specific piece of meat. Thanks.

Poking holes in the meat probably isn’t helping matters. That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully someone more familiar with what you’re trying to achieve will be along soon

Ross, a 30% moisture loss is higher than i have experienced cooking at 132F. It might be caused by the pre-cook actions.

That’s a flank steak, right?
Try it again plain, no holes, no marinade, and no rub, to discover if there’s significantly less moisture loss. I suspect there will be about half as much which would be normal. Apply your seasonings pre-sear and try to use the torch gently.