Low Water Automatic Shut-Off?

Does anyone know if the unit automatically shuts off once the water level drops below minimum due to evaporation? If not, I’m assuming the heating elements burn themselves out and need to be replaced?

Wondering more or less how much I can “roll the dice” on water level if I’m not going to be home to monitor overnight, but want to come home to delicious short-ribs!

Yes, it checks for water level and shuts itself off.

@mford6 I have real time experience with this.  A few days ago I was setting up the device. I wasn't paying strict attention, I had filled my vessel to just about the minimum line and started it as I went back to the sink for another pitcher of water.  I heard a little sucking sound, it was cavitation from the impeller as it was circulating the water.  I had just enough water in it so that when it was circulating the slight surge created in the vessel reduced the water level.  The cavitation must have tripped the low water alarm.  The unit beeped and shut down.


All is well!