materials of the racks

For those who have own this for at least a year, did any of the racks rusts after many use? I have a steam oven I have for 5 years and the racks keeps on rusting if i forget to leave the oven door open after steam use and i have bought many replacements.
I have been thinking about a new steam oven and this one looks like it has everything I want + more. But worry about the racks.

They are stainless, I believe. Mine have not shown any signs of rust in the year and change that Iā€™ve had it.

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Hi ya @frostiex

Stainless steel may still rust due to free iron on its surface that must be passivated or polished away.

It takes a particularly nice - read expensive - grade of SS to not rust, one with lots of chrome or even chrome plated.

Pro tip: these are a little better made than the Anova racks and though they have many more welds (and thus much more potential for corrosion at the welds, which is a common problem with stainless) I have never had one start rusting on me yet. They fit the oven great.