Is Rust/Corrosion on Anova Precision Still an Issue?

I’m looking to order an Anova Precision, but saw many users complain of rusting/corrosion of the metal probe after only a few uses. But these threads were dated back to several months ago and I haven’t seen any complaints since.

Is the rusting/corrosion still a problem with the Precision? Or was the metal used in the probe updated to be more resistant? 


@jamesino, the rust issue seems to have caused much consternation among users. Some claim faulty metallurgy while others (including Anova) declare the problem no longer extant.

As a data point of one, I got my Precision Cooker about 4 months ago. After 5 or so uses I took off the skirt to check out whether it needed cleaning and discovered what looked like a spot of rust about 6mm up the thermocouple rod. I was able to rub it off with my finger and a very mild abrasive pad. It returned a few more times and then settled as a sort of permanent stain on the SS. No observable loss of material was noted. The rod seems stable and effectively rust free at this point. I don’t worry about it.

Thank you for the response. So essentially, even if there are observable changes on the metal rod, it is unlikely to affect the performance of the Precision Cooker, correct?

@jamesino - Correct :slight_smile: