Meat colour

Why is it that after cooking steak the colour of the meat is not as red as pictures displayed by others. When I take the meat out of the bath, all of the juices have run out into the sealed bag. The pictures displayed on this site looks more like the meat has been seared and nothing else.

Hi @errknot

Meat gets that reddish color from the hemoglobin in it. When you initially cut into your sous vide cooked steak it won’t be as red as it eventually turns after some exposure to the oxygen in the air, but wait for a bit and it will get quite red…
I found it stated well by a poster name “Brandon Byrd” out on Chefsteps: “Meat cooked sous vide will ‘bloom’ and redden after you cut it as the myoglobin comes into contact with oxygen. This reddening can make the steak appear much more rare than it actually is.”

This is a photo I took of the very first steak I cooked sous vide (medium rare):

Hope this info is useful.
Good luck!

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