Morton's Marinated Tri-Tip from Costco

Has anyone had any experience cooking one of Costco’s marinated Morton’s tri-tips?

The roast comes marinated in a sealed bag. Are there benefits to cooking it in the original packaging with the marinate vs removing from packaging and vacuum packing and cooking without the marinade?

To finish, is it ok to grill top and bottom at height heat or do I also need to try and flip it up on the edges so it they get the same finish as the top and bottom?

I appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks in advance!!!

I can’t say specifically for the Mortons, but I’ve vacuum bagged meats with my own marinade and then cooked them that way, they came out fine.

In the past when I did SV tri-tip, I personally like to sear all sides. In light of this extra time it spends on high heat to cover all 3-5 edges depending on the way it’s cut, I’ll cook it at a lower temp than what the “doneness” chart would recommend.

Basically, I would cook it at 130-131 for 8 hours and after the sears, I end up with medium-medium rare.

Having learned more since then, I do want to experiment with ice bath chilling between the cook and the sear but have not yet done this though. This might actually work really well to get a good solid sear without overcooking.

I re-bag them because we have a printed paper price label and pieces come off and get in the impeller.

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A very good point. Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Great advice. I think I will re-bag and vacuum and then sear as you suggested.