My food bag sinker thing

Hello folks, I’m a newbie for sous vide and posting. Please feel free to give advice about both.

I initially struggled to keep my first attempts underwater without them bunching together or poor spacing. I know the rack is the best but the minister of finance (wife) said if I buy 1 more cooking thing she’ll sell all my cooking toys and we can’t have that. So, without further trouble in the house, here’s my idea, it works great and it cost $2.00. Take your metal bag clip and attach 2 fishing weights to each little clip thing. I got this idea from Law and Order, don’t ask.

I’m hoping my picture attach’s and explains it. I enjoy reading the posts thanks to all. R/S Dave


Thanks Dave – Another great idea. I have all of this and will try it with my next batch of carrots.

Make sure those lures are not made of lead or another harmful metal. Plastic is porous and some chemicals can cross the barrier and into your food, even if water or air doesn’t.

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puts on black robe, grabs a hammer and raps it on the countertop

takes off glasses gives a stern look

“I’ll allow it. But watch yourself McCoy. I’ve got my eye on you.”