Now that the chamber vacuum sealer is coming, how about a....

A key kitchen appliance that is available in commercial kitchens but somewhat out of reach for a home cook is a blast chiller.

The occasions when I have needed to drop the temp of a well prepared dish so that I can package for freezing or as part of a meal prep step are many and happen more frequently now that I have these great kitchen aid, the precision oven, cooker and vacuum sealers.

The Anova chamber vacuum sealer will one day be delivered to my kitchen (damn supply chain woes).

My only missed wish was for the chamber vacuum sealer is it would double as a chamber chiller too.

I have the say the fast infusion controls will be an unexpected bonus, :clap::clap::clap:.

Come on Anova engineers, you delivered something great, but missed a key use case.

What are you plans to correct this? I am tired of dreaming of an unaffordable Irinox Freddy or Fresco Elite.

What are you plans to correct this missed opportunity? I know you what to!


How far do you want to go in temperature? An ice-water bath has huge heat capacity down to 32ºF.

I have asked my grocer if he can get CO2 dry-ice. I have a number of unused insulated cooler boxes. I am on the look out for an aluminum box to make the work surface. I don’t expect to need to go that low in temperature -110ºF / 200K for a while.

To be clear. Fit the dry-ice block to the aluminum box. If needed wet a cloth with absolute alcohol for heat transfer from the dry-ice block to the aluminum box working surface. Drop the whole thing in a ‘cooler’ with the flat aluminum box top as working surface. Stabilize with dry terry cloths between the Al box and the plastic cooler sides. Adjust height with a terry cloth on the bottom.

I have a couple common use cases where I would really like to accelerate chilling like cooling down bone broth so I skim the fat off the top before packaging for freezing, chilling mother sauces, chilling dishes after splitting to serving potions again before freezing or refrigeration.

Ice-water bath does work, especially for soups etc, but does feel like a waste of water.

I live in a southern Alberta so in the depths of winter I can sometimes just put sealed dishes outside when it -10°C outdoors, but this can easily lead to temp crash overshoots. Obviously this does not work in the other seasons.

Interesting hack with the cooler box and dry ice. Not something you would have laying around the house but could be planned for during special occasions.

Basically, I would love to be able to go from stove/oven to packaging to freezer/fridge in as short a time as possible while reducing the time spent in that bacteria friendly temp zone. Getting it down to at least refrigerator friendly temps of 6°C / 42°F would be as start.

I live on an island in Lake Michigan so water is not ever an issue. If you are that concerned about water re-use / wastage, save the ice bath in the refrigerator for re-use. My cooler compartment runs 38ºF and my freezer compartment is -1ºF