One Day brisket

I finally attempted a Smoke brisket with the APO. WOW. Game changer. Started at about 9 AM and had a juicy tender Brisket for dinner at 5. My brisket was about 7lbs. It was my attempt to make Montreal Smoke meat without the Prague powder ( I hate the pink Salt).

Rub or brine your brisket with whatever spice you like.

  1. heat your smoker to 275f and smoke the thickest part of the brisket to 160f (Approx. 3 hours)
  2. When your brisket is about to reach 160. Preheat your APO.
    -APO settings: Sous Vide Mode; 210f, 100% steam, probe 200f
  3. Once your APO is preheated, Add probe to the thickest part and transfer Brisket to APO
  4. When temp reaches 200f, pay attention to the brisket and allow it to reach close to 210f and every so often use the probe to poke at other parts to see if it is easy enough to go through. (approx 3 hours)
  5. Once temp of the probe is about 208f. Do not open the APO, but change the settings to: Sous Vide mode @150f and 75% steam.
  6. Let the brisket temp comes down to about 165 and Brisket is ready to be served.

My wife is usually not the biggest brisket fan, but she said this was the most delicious brisket she have ever had.

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