Option to turn off fan when the oven door is opened?

I searched to see if this was discussed earlier, but I didn’t find any topics on it.

Would it possible via a firmware update to have the fan in the oven turn off when the door is opened during operation? Ideally, if a timer is active, it would stop as well?

I’m guessing this would cause an issue for dehydrating as the door has to be slightly ajar, but I assume this could be addressed via software and notifications.


Hey hey. Thanks for the feedback, can pass this along to the greater team!


Since the fan is likely linked to the rear burner for power, it’s OK to turn that burner off as well during the short time the door is open. It makes no sense to preheat carefully to 212F only to have the temperature drop to 160 when the door is opened for 10 seconds.

This is unavoidable, as the temp will drop when the door is open. This happens in every oven, the difference is the APO shows you this temp drop, and other ovens don’t, but the same thing happens with other ovens as well.

Any oven looses temp when the door opens. Turning off the heater will not help.

In 1966 I helped make a large fraction of the worlds prunes as I ran four huge dehydrator ‘ovens’ that were 60 feet long by 10 feet tall and wide and holding tons of plums to be prunes. The fans, one per two ovens were powered by 100 Hp motors driving 8” belts that ran the length of the ovens. The heaters were six natural gas

Hey Jerry, this seasoned cook and many others keep a baking steel or stone in their ovens. They store heat to minimize the drop in temperature caused by opening the oven door.

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Other ovens don’t always have a fan blowing out the door.

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In more than 5 decades of using convection ovens this cook never encountered one that didn’t stop the fan when the door was opened. A simple micro-switch on the door will do the job.


I have 2 other ovens and both stop the fan when the door is opened. It may not stop some heat from escaping, but I would expect it would reduce the amount that does escape when the door is opened if the fan didn’t continue operating during this time.


This should be an option in the APP and the default option is to turn off the fan when the door is open. I was using the APO on Air Fry mode today and when removing the food after it was cooked, the air coming out the oven was so hot, it burned my hand when removing the tray. Turning off the fan or at least reducing the fan speed to low is a far better option than leaving the fan on full when opening the door to put food in or take food out. Just saying… this is a common sense option given that the oven already has a switch on the door. Just saying…