Organs (tripe, brains, heart, livers,..)


have anybody already tried to cook tripes? I’m looking forward to cook some beef and lamb tripe but I don’t know on what temperature… I was thinking something like cooking them for 24 - 48 hours on a temperature of 78°C

And the same question for the brains :smiley: (pork and/or lamb)

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Never done these before, so I know how the outcome is. These are just what I’ve read. For honeycomb tripe 88°C for hours. The text says you’ll get a braise like texture.

This is from another website for the brains:
You might find something useful there. I’ve never had brain, and I realize that it’s an irrational fear, but the concept of prion diseases freaks me out a bit. Good luck with your cook and let us know what you do and how it turns out


Google is your friend. There are numerous recipes for sous vide heart, liver, tripe, and brains online.


Well I don’t know where do you find all that recipes because I’ve been googling but I don’t find them…


You beat me to it

I have played around with honeycomb tripe in duplicating a Chinese Dim Sum dish. First I parboiled the tripe and then cut it into bite size pieces, then seasoned. I cooked three batches at 180 degrees F at 8, 16, and 24 hours. The 8 hour was best. Soft and still just a little tooth left. 16 was OK, but too soft for me. 24 resulted in too much shrinkage and liquid loss.

So I think timing will depend on what kind of dish you are creating.

I like the SV result because other methods. like slow cookers and braising, have just resulted in too much shrinkage.

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Thanks, that’s what I wanted to hear… if someone had played with different times and temperatures.

So I tried lamb tripe for 28 hours at 62,5°C and they were perfect. Moist, tender but they still had a little bit of the tripe chewiness so that you know what’re you eating and that’s what I was wishing to achive… to have tripe that are soft, tender, easy to eat but that still have a little bit of it’s texture.
The only thing I would like to say is… If you love yourself do yourself a favor and don’t finish the tripe in the pan or grill :smiley: do it with a sauce as normally people do. They were bland, without any specific flavour, though I seasoned them a looot and they were cooking with onions, garlic, thyme, rosemary.


Totally agree on no need to further finish the dish, which is one reason I like this. Just pour it out of the bag and you are ready. Since you do not add any water, unlike braising or simmering, the high collagen content gives you a ready, rich sauce just as it is. Plus it takes on whatever additional flavor you want to add. I had considered lower temps, longer times, but I decided to go with same day decision meal planning with tripe. I usually prep a few bags, freeze, and use same day as meal.

Tripe: 8 hrs @ 82C