Oven Temperature Probe is too long!

The probe that came with the oven is too long. The exposed part of the probe will transmit the heat to the tip that is inserted in the meat, which alter the temperature the probe senses at the tip. The result is wrong temperature reading of the meat. Please provide shorter probe options for us to buy. Or let us know which third party probe is compatible.

Seems to me then that one might need a proper probe length for each piece.

That’s why most of thermometer brand has various length of probe.

They do??

Thermoworks their pro-series probes have 4", 4.5", 2.5"

Christopher is correct that ThermoWorks sells various length probes for their HACCP data logger.

$174.00 to $224.00

So that’s one – and the first I’ve seen this, so thanks for educating me.

Oh – I see it’s REALLY pricey.

So I’m still not seeing “most” here. Unless you meant “most expensive.”


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The everyday use Pro-series has the same variety in length. Read the website carefully.

Has anyone had experience with the Thermoworks Pro-Series working with the APO? The plug in the photograph looks much shorter than that on the APO OEM probe.