Picanha Roast


  • Top sirloin cap, also known as Picanha 1,3-1,7 kg
  • Rock salt
  • Ground black pepper


  • Set your Anova SV Cooker to 56C/133F to 8 hours
  • Season and score the fat layer in a diamond-shaped pattern
  • Put the meat into the vacuum bag and seal it
  • Submerge the vacuum bag into the preheated water at 56°C/ 133°F and cook for 8 hours.


  • After 8 hours remove the meat from the bag and pat it dry with a paper towel.
  • Preheat your skillet over high heat and start searing the meat first on the fat layer until achieving a caramelized and crispy crust.No need to add oil into the skillet - the fat layer will render out and produce enough additional oil during the searing process.
  • Turn it over and sear only for 30 seconds to get a thin caramelized layer.

Pavel, you are the first cook that i have ever encountered that advised using rock salt.

Mined, crushed, screened and bagged; it’s full of dirt and impurities as you can see if you examine it closely. It’s only meant to be a winter ice melter.

Not true, you can get pure rock salt.

Good to know there’s a culinary rock salt product, thank you.
I’ve only cooked with varieties of crystal salt.

Would you replace Kosher salt with it?
When and why, anyone?
Just on roasts?

No problem to use any kind of salt of course

Totally. It’s called food grade.