Pics Pls: The Tastiest Thing You Sous Vide This Week

I am in a drooling kind of mood. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemme see pics of the drool-worthy dishes you made this past week. Cool points for those who post pork - because I am head-over-heels for it (might be a Puerto Rican thing).

Pics + Temps + Time would be greeaaattt.

kk…ready, set, post ittt. :smile:

Here it is
Pork Shank Sous Vide


Tried uploading my screenshot or photo, but the limit is 3MB on this site. Here is a link to it. 3 rib prime Rib in APC at 58C and done for 6h. Got some flack for doing rib roast like this in APC, but it was really good. I’ve never hooded a rib roast in the oven, and will always do it in APC now.


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omg @raa59 that is so freakin’ beautiful! :heart_eyes: thanks for posting the recipe (in your other post) btw!

@Jcsieben that looks amazing and perfectly pink!

I think I had the temp set too high, it came out kind of rubbery. :confused:


Just slap that chicken with about a tub of butter, and it should be good to eat. :joy:

New to Sous Vide and this forum. Hoover, I’ve laughed at a few posts, then noticed you posted both of them.Keep up the good work!


Hey! Welcome - silly stuff happen on here all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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This week I have been experimenting with custard using 8 oz canning jars. I have run three tries with varying ratios of eggs and milk, and looking for the right temperature.

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Ahhh that looks tasty! :heart_eyes:

Have a recipe?

Not yet, but I will within the week. My goal is to have something light and less sweet than most custards. I am finding that the same recipe with different temperatures can yield a sauce, a pudding, or a custard.

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Gotcha!! Let us know how the final product turns out!

This is not the final product, but I am taking a rest from the subject. I have decided that 160F is the right temperature and that the ice cream mix should be 50/50 with beaten whole eggs. (Two large eggs are about a cup.) I tried these three ice creams and came up with very different results, but got a custard that was less sweet than the ice cream, and that was my goal. My favorite was the chocolate which was very fudge like, the caramel second and the vanilla third. Don’t serve this without trying a batch first.

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Man, you COOK with Ben & Jerry’s?!? Dang! You must be a squillionaire. The tiny 500ml tubs here are AUD15. That makes a major emotional session VERY expensive.

I chose it for a couple of reasons, quality and it is a national brand. This is not something I would do all the time, but I like to have some “guest worthy” recipes ready to go and for those, good ingredients are a must.

You should choose a brand and flavor of your own if you want to make this, but be sure to run a test batch.

Here is a picture of the Karamel Sutra. It has a chocolate layer and a caramel layer.

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