Plz help me find a new cut of beef

I love my Petite Sirloins (Picanha’s) but 1) the price is going up, and I hardly ever see it on sale anymore… and 2) after like 600 of them in the last year (maybe a slight exaggeration :wink: Id like some variety…

Only needs to meet 2 criteria… First off, it needs to SV nicely, and get really tender. And secondly, it needs to be affordable. No more than $6 a lb.

Any suggestions ?

Hey Chris, you might find a boneless inside blade steak as good or better. Most butchers can’t be bothered to cut them. You have to find a butcher who cuts beef on site. The tray-pack butchers never will.

Basically it’s a boneless rib eye steak only with a smaller eye because it’s cut from the first cut of the chuck next to the rib roast. Still all good eating.

Beef ptices are going up due to higher feed costs and draught conditions.
Can’t be helped. That’s Market conditions. They are what they are.

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Affordable and tender, I discovered Top Round Steak - my first SV beef dish, five total since New Year Anniversary gift.

If I recall correctly, 130ºF for 48 hours and it was fork tender. 25 ounces roughly divided into four portions. Two are waiting to be reheated Monday night.

If my butcher Jerry Mann, Mann’s Grocery 54246, 110+ years in the family, would package shoe leather then I’d try to SV it.

Tonight Milady Wife volunteered to pan fry the remaining burbot fillet (see elsewhere here) and instructed me to find how to cook whole carrots.

Yes dear, off to work I go.

SV carrots are so delicious you will be packaging them in meal-sized portions and cooking in large batches for cook-chill or freeze because they reheat so nicely.