How good is this going to be ?

Make a prediction, and I’ll rate it tomorrow :slight_smile: So, my favorite breakfast steaks are Petite Sirloins (Picanha’s) I get the lowest grade garbage, so I can almost afford it :slight_smile: lol … from WinCo for $2.98 to $3.98 a lb. And I SV it @ 133F for 24hrs. Sear them one at a time in hot butter for my breakfast, with cheesy eggs and Keto toast.

But yesterday at Sam’s Club… since they don’t carry Petite Sirloin, I picked up a package of “Beef Bottom Round Choice USDA Choice Angus” for $3.93 a lb. The Steaks were kind of thin 3/4"… but very nicely marbled. Decided to treat them like I do my normal Petite Sirloins, so they are in the SV bath now, for 24 hrs @ 133F.

Do you think these will be okay ? Do you think I will like them as much as my Petite Sirloins… not as much… not at all ?

I guess depending on how well these come out, I might adjust my time and temp the next time… Or maybe their will not be a next time ? :slight_smile: lol

What should I expect ?

Hi Chris, good question. We know you like Medium-Rare steaks. It’s going to be challenging to achieve the same outcome with a 3/4" slice of Bottom Round, never mind better.

I forget the thickness of the top sirloin steaks you enjoy. If they are about the same you’ll be alright, or close enough. With a thin cooked steak It’s the searing that’s going to take careful attention to keep it from moving into Medium-Well land. Ideally you would would just give the SV cooked bottom round steaks a few quick flips in an extremely hot pan to colour them and serve. You may want to skip the butter because it will burn in the pan and turn bitter. Melt a little butter if you like and pour or brush it on your steak after searing.

Good luck.

And please advise on the outcome.

With livestock feed prices soaring and serious draught conditions in many cattle growing regions you may want to stock up on any USDA steaks you enjoy. I’m beginning to see a lot more beef from Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina locally. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it if you don’t mind USDA Select grade.

Well I hate to say it, but after 24 hrs in the SV bath, they were tough :frowning: So I mean, what can I do next time ? (I still have four more in the freezer) 48 hrs ? Maybe some sort of tenderizing thing first ? Adolph’s or pineapple juice soak ?

My Petite Sirloins were about 1 1/4" thick…

Hey Chris, that’s disappointing. Your suggested tenderizing things are incompatible with SV cooking. You’ll end up with a bag of mushy meat.

As you thought, try the longer time.
Save money and stick with your successes.

Bottom Round meat, being from just above the hooves, has been holding up a 1.200 Lb. steer all it’s life. That’s a very well developed muscle best for long cooked stews or braises.

I couldn’t remember everything I saw in this video… and was hoping you’d be wrong :slight_smile: But nope. Exactly what you said here :frowning:

I think my best course of action, is to not buy anymore of that stuff :frowning:

Hey Chris, i don’t enjoy being wrong. I regret disappointing you.

Agreed with your thinking, - stay with your successes.

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