Picanha ! For real this time :)

Okay, so my GF had been ordering beef from one of the online places… high quality, grass fed (whatever… I’m not an "all natural freak… If it tastes good, and has very low or zero carbs, I eat it ;)) Anyway, one of the packages was labeled Top Round Sirloin. It was a nice little 2 lb roast, and it had the fat cap on.
As soon as I cut it, I could just tell that “finally” I had the fabled Picanha steaks in front of me :slight_smile: I decided to SV them for 2 1/2 hrs at 133 F. I also did another Ziplok in the same cook, of Tri Tip Steaks. So in my photo, the Tri Tip is the one closest to the Zuchinni noodles (which were off the chain , btw)

Results, OMG ! Unbelievable good ! I can’t say that this is “better than” a choice cut, perfectly SV’d Ribeye, but it was at least “as good” ! So for half the price per lb, I think I have a new favorite steak :slight_smile:

So I guess, Guga and crew were right :slight_smile: I’m going to be paying a visit to our butcher, and making a special request for Top Sirloin Roasts, fat cap on.

PS, The Tri Tip streaks were neither as tender, nor flavorful. I will still cook Tri Tips as a whole roasts, for 16-18 hrs… but no more Tri Tip steaks.


Congratulations, and your detailed reporting is appreciated.

Now you have to stop spreading to word on Picanha or they will soon be the same price as rib eye.

Oh I know, right ? That same old supply and demand thing…

You’ve got it.


I’ve been wondering what all the hub-bub is about with picanha. I saw a cut at the butchers, I don’t recall the price exactly (maybe 12.99/lb?) but I thought it was pricey because of it’s “trendy-ness”. Maybe if I order a “Top Round Sirloin with the fat cap on”, it won’t be as pricey, lol.

Jen, if value has any importance to you consider roasts and steaks from the end of the chuck furthest from the neck. The first few inside cuts of the blade area contain the same muscle as the rib eye which you enjoy.

Get to know your butcher and ask for what you want. You don’t have to buy the wrapped meat on the shelves. Thick steaks cook so much better but are seldom packaged in advance in most stores.

mmmmmmm…realy nice!!! i want this! :grinning:

chatnoir, that was my attempt at humor lol which I know doesn’t translate well with the written word, if one is not a “writer”. I don’t go to that meat market very often. We’re still shopping for a place to buy our meat…

Got it Jen.
If i am cooking for guests i will often get “quotes”, particularly for beef these days.

Thanks to China pork is a particularly good protein value now.