Pork Loin

My first time using the ANova - I cooked a 2.25 pound pork loin at 160 - for 1 hour but it wasn’t done. That is how long the app said to cook it - should I have cooked it longer?

Are you sure the app said loin and not tenderloin?

What is the thickness of your loin? It is thickness that will determine how long it needs to cook.

Ugh it did say tenderloin! Is there a chart somewhere that shows cooking time by thickness?

For all things there is Baldwin. Here is a link to Dr Baldwin’s guide to heat penetration by thickness:

There are other charts within the document for pasteurisation, cooling and thawing.

Well worth reading the rest of the information in that link too, although he gets a little heavy sciency for most people at times, the information he has to impart is important.

I would follow Serious Eats guide to sous vide tenderloin (loin will be similar, just cook for longer - about 2-4 hours). FWIW, 140F is the best temp, IMHO. Both loin and, especially tenderloin, will be pretty dry at 160F.

To each their own on temps for pork. I like 130F with a good blush.