Pork loin timing

I need some advice on a pork loin. I bought a 500 gram premartinated one at the super market. I would like to cook it whole but wonder if it is too big. It’s about 7/8 cms in the center then tapers off to the tips.
Everyone seems to mention 58.5º C (137 F) but can’t find a time anywhere.
Or should I cut it into thick slices before vacuum packing for better results?
Any experienced advice on this would be really appreciated.

You can cook it whole if that’s what you prefer to do. How thick is the thickest section of the meat? That should give you an idea of what kind of cook time you want to go for.

Thank you for your reply. I mentioned in my post that it is 7/8 cms thick in the center.
Is there any kind of table that indicates the cooking time relative to the thickness? I can’t find anything related to that.

Mien,for the definitive table on cook times just go to the following site and print Table 5.1 from Dr. Doug’s superb work on SV cooking. Better yet, buy his book.


That little piece of piggy has been pumped full of brine so it will be very tender after an hour’s cook. Save the tasty juices for your sauce. It won’t need any salt.

There is a guide in the app, you may want to refer to the times stated there. Personally, I find that 2.5 hours is good of cooking from frozen I would guess that anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours would work for you.

If you use the Anova app, you can get an idea on how long to cook and the temperature. I also suggest using the Joule app. Both will give you time and temperature for cooking different things. Another great suggestion is to search on YouTube.