double pork loin center bone off roast cooking time?

Hey guys, my Anova just arrived, and can’t wait to cook a freezer full of meat.
But I’m having trouble narrowing down the right cooking time and temp for a double loin roast I bought from Costco.
I took the strings off and wrapped it in bacon.
It weighs about 5.5kgz about 12 lbs. If I cook it at 137 for about 10 hours, is that enough? too long?

Let me know, thanks

The thickness matters with sous vide, not the weight. So what is the diameter of your newly tied roll at the thickest part?

Ember’s correct, it depends on the thickness of your pork loin. Rib ends will be smaller than the sirloin end and easier to slice for service.

Since you’ve untied your twined boneless backs i would package and cook each piece separately following the Anova recipe for Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin if you don’t mind just a little pink in the meat. Maybe cook them two different ways.

Please share your results with us and what you would do differently next time, if anything. We need details to improve.

Happy cooking.