Pork Tenderloin cook time?

Hello all…I get Hello Fresh and am wanting to Sous Vide my Pre-weighed Pork Tenderloins.
They are 12oz total. 2 of them…about 2 in thick. Would an hour cook time work?

For your safety you should bookmark this site and use it as a cooking reference for times and temperature of various thicknesses of meat:


Your time will depend on the texture you like for pork. If you look at recipes the temperature will vary quite a bit and some people are put off by pork cooked at the lowest temperatures. For planning you will need 2+ hours for your chops as they are quite thick.

Remember, tenderloin is a low use muscle. It will require very little more than being brought up to serving temperature in the bath. That temperature will depend on if you like your pork pink or not. As John suggested, it will require at least 2.5 hours for your to get your pork up to temperature at the core.

Thanks everyone!!! I cooked them for 1 hour then seared and they were perfect

Best reference for sous vide pork tenderloin temps and times: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/07/sous-vide-pork-tenderloin-recipe.html

I usually go 132 degrees-135 degrees. An hour will work for smaller tenderloins, though I usually have them go a little longer.

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