Pork tenderloin extremely bloody


So I made pork tenderloin left it in the bath at 140 for 2 hours.

I removed it, let it sit for a few, gave it a beautiful sear and all and then I cut it. Finished the sides and came back and there was blood everywhere.

Idk about you, but Iv always grown up thinking that was wrong.

Is it OK to eat pork tenderloin when it’s very pink and blood on the cutting board after you cut it?


Is it possible you cooked a pork loin rather than a tenderloin?

I have also had a lot of juices from a pork tenderloin which was correctly cooked sous vide.
It looks redish, but it is not blood, it is a protein called myoglobin.
IMO it is safe, delicious and moist.

Item one: it is not blood. Blood comes from veins and other blood vessels. The pink juice from a muscle contains myoglobin.

Item two: It is perfectly safe to eat pink pork and has been so for many many years. The idea that pork needs to be cooked to a dry and grey consistency is an old wives’ tale from times distant and really needs to be forgotten.

While loin and tenderloin are two completely different cuts of meat, either of them being cooked at 140F would result in a beautiful roseate blush. If you want nasty grey/white pork you will need to go above 155F.

It’s not an old wives tale. Trichinosis was a very real issue with pork that could be prevented with cooking to higher temp. Those days are long past here in the US, thankfully. If you’re outside the US, especially in a less-developed country, I would understand the local risks when determining safety.of pork.

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Yes. Was a problem. Long ago. But the belief that pork meeds to be well done persists needlessly.

Thanks for the insight! I won’t stress then! It was just ALOT of red and it raised some concern of mine.

I appreciate the responses! Next time I won’t stress for myself and the kids.

This brings up a point… I see a lot of supposed “food professionals” posting recipes confusing pork loin & pork tenderloin. Even searching the Anova site, you find it wrong more often than not.