Pot Roast Air Expanded bag at hour 36

I am currently doing a 48 hour chuck roast. Cooked @ 133.

It is a pre-seared 3lb chuck roast vacuum sealed in a food saver bag.

There was a brief flip of my circuit breaker which was quickly remedied around hour 16.

This morning I woke up and came down stairs the bag is full of air and floating. I had magnets holding it in place so it wouldn’t crowd the sous vide. These were all on the bottom of the pan.

So I took it out and cut it open to reseal it. As my daughter puts it, “It smells like throw up!” Obviously I am throwing it out, but I was wondering if anyone knew what happened. I’ve never had this much air fill a bag. Especially at hour 36.

I’ve really looked forward to this pot roast. The last one I did for 24 hours and it was as good as prime rib.

Shawna Frinell

My guess is that you are the victim of “autolysis”.

The best answer/description I’ve seen posted in this forum regarding this problem was provided by @Ember. This is a link to the thread for the full conversation: https://community.anovaculinary.com/t/another-54c-gem-beef-cheeks/7851/31

Below is a quote taken from that conversation…


Yup. @Mirozen is right. Autolysis is the reason. Unfortunately it is the risk of the low and slow cook. You’ve got to weigh up the risk versus the reward. For me the reward is worth the occasional disappointment. Or you can cook at higher temperatures, but still within the doneness zone of what you’re after.

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