Precision Cooker tripped GFI

Does anyone know the specific electrical specifications of the new Precision Cooker? We received ours yesterday and about 10 minutes after turning it on it tripped the GFI in a kitchen outlet. We moved it to a non GFI protected outlet and it was fine. I’d just like to understand what, exactly happened. It was on a 15A circuit in which nothing else was running, plugged into a Legrand Adorne undercabinet plug strip attached to a GFI outlet which was in turn protected with arc flash at the breaker box. Considering my home burned down two years ago, I’m a little paranoid about fire and electrical hazards.

I am having the same issue.

My fuse also tripepd a few days ago when using my Precision Cooker. I didn’t think much of it because I used my microwave on the same circuit and thought it tripped due to overload.

However, it’s a 16-Ampere fuse (at 230 V, that’s 3680 kW (is this how it works? I’m not an expert when it comes to electricity)). The Precision Cooker is rated at 800 W and my microwave is rated at 900 W, so even with an insane overhead of 50% nothing should happen. I’m somewhat concerned that for some reason the Precision Cooker might have put voltage on the ground.