Oven not working after tripping GFCI socket


I’m having a problem with the oven. It has been working without any problems for the past couple of years until today when it tripped the GFCI socket it’s connected to. I haven’t moved the oven to a different socket in the kitchen.

The oven is currently not working and I have tried the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Turned on the oven using the app, which caused the GFCI to trip
  2. Unplugged the oven from the GFCI socket, reset the socket, and tested the socket using the TEST button to confirm it's working
  3. Attempted to plug the oven back in, but it tripped the GFCI again
  4. Repeated steps 2 and 3 a few times, but the oven still didn't work.

What do I do now? I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. By the way I’ve searched the forum and coludn’t find any solution.

Looks like your oven developed some fault, or the gfci. Do you have any other socket to test the oven on? Preferably one with a gfci but not the same. If you only have an unprotected socket make sure to watch for signs of a short circuit. If there’s a short circuit in your oven I suggest contacting anova cs.

The oven is working fine again. I discovered some water pooling on the countertop where the oven sits. I don’t know how water got there but it was not visible because the water was obstructed by the oven. I wiped the countertop dry, tilted the oven to drain water into the sink, and repeated the process a few times. The oven is now functioning properly. The GFCI probably detected water so it tripped to protect me.

I’ve since cooked a couple meals with the oven and it doesn’t seem to be dripping water onto the countertop when I cooked.

So I think everything is good and I will report back if it stops working again.

Used bottom element for the first time in 2+ years of use. GFI breaker tripped 2x. Service needed message on handle. Any suggestions. CS has been contacted for what that is worth.