Oven tripping fuses

I have had the oven for 10 months and everything was working perfectly until last week… whenever I connect the oven the fuse board trips. It has been connected in the same board since I´ve had it. If I move it to a different plug on a different board, the same happens. I am located in Spain and dont know what to do. Thanks.

Thankfully you have tried it elsewhere to see if it is an individual socket fault, however I would encourage you to locate your RCD? fuse board, determine that it is not a specific room circuit at fault (likely not) but is the first thing I’d do before using the contact / chat box for anova (as these boards are not monitored by staff)

So, whilst it is cumbersome to lift, do it & hook it up to another room circuit & see if that makes a difference as to its operation or carries on tripping out… that way you have covered all reasonable bases before asking for a warranty return & replace of your unit.