Oven Keeps Tripping GFCI?

Hey, y’all.
Trying my best here to keep my disappointment contained, but is anyone else having issues with this oven tripping GFCI? I bought mine, used it successfully like 2 times, and ever since it started tripping GFCI every single time. I contacted support and I’ve already tried to reset my oven firmware and have been sent a 2nd oven (which also has the same issue. I can’t even get the second one past the burn-in phase.) I’ve tried multiple plugs, on two different circuits. These are kitchen rated at 20A.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi Alexis, you may want to swap out that GFCI. After numerous trip events they tend to get weaker and trip at lower thresholds.

If a new receptacle trips at least you know you have a problem oven.

As I mentioned, this has happened with two ovens, on multiple receptacles.

Indeed it has.

Hopefully your third oven will be the keeper.

Dumb question alert: Different receptacles, but also different circuits? I have two GFCI circuits, each with two or more receptacles – any one of which trips the GFCI.

It’s still very weird, though. I’ve had no issues with mine.

Yup. Two different circuits. One is the kitchen wall (minus a single receptacle near the stove) and the other is the kitchen island (plus the aforementioned stove receptacle.)