Oven Keeps Tripping GFCI?

Hey, y’all.
Trying my best here to keep my disappointment contained, but is anyone else having issues with this oven tripping GFCI? I bought mine, used it successfully like 2 times, and ever since it started tripping GFCI every single time. I contacted support and I’ve already tried to reset my oven firmware and have been sent a 2nd oven (which also has the same issue. I can’t even get the second one past the burn-in phase.) I’ve tried multiple plugs, on two different circuits. These are kitchen rated at 20A.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi Alexis, you may want to swap out that GFCI. After numerous trip events they tend to get weaker and trip at lower thresholds.

If a new receptacle trips at least you know you have a problem oven.

As I mentioned, this has happened with two ovens, on multiple receptacles.

Indeed it has.

Hopefully your third oven will be the keeper.

Dumb question alert: Different receptacles, but also different circuits? I have two GFCI circuits, each with two or more receptacles – any one of which trips the GFCI.

It’s still very weird, though. I’ve had no issues with mine.

Yup. Two different circuits. One is the kitchen wall (minus a single receptacle near the stove) and the other is the kitchen island (plus the aforementioned stove receptacle.)

it could be an actual problem with the circuit in the house… the can be wired so many different ways. Are they actually on 2 different breakers?? Have you tried the oven on a regular plug (non GFI)… If it’s happening with 2 different ovens, I suspect it’s an issue with the house wiring. Would it be possible to visit a friend & bring the oven to try on their GFI plug??

Yes, I’ve tried these things. I am not bringing this to a friend’s house. At this point I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to return it for a refund.

Typically you do not put static high loads on a current leakage fuse. In the kitchen you may have some hidden sockets for high current devices.
This said, I HAD to use a socket with leakage switch for my current oven and had to disconnect ground from the socket for the same reason. Works fine. (no worries, I tested the housing for voltage at all settings)

:scream: good luck and I hope you won’t hava any nasty surprise with time. Kitchen is one of the few place where ground and leakage detection are most needed in my opinion

The alternative is not using the oven. Or get a 230/230V transformer with the proper wattage and isolate the oven :wink:

But first one more thing, check that your leakage switch works properly and has the right wattage. Maybe get a bigger one with a higher current rating.

I’m on my third replacement oven. Sometimes, it trips the GFCI and afterwards, will only work if I reset it and don’t attempt to connect it to Wifi.

Any attempt to connect it to wifi t(to use with the smart phone app or upgrade the firmware), will cause it to stop working and, therefore need to be reset.

It is a strange issue to have. If I don’t use the smart features, I don’t have any problems at all. But that is a primary selling point for the device.

Hi ya @MakiAshe I commented in your other thread.