Recurring issue: When it trips the GFCI, it causes an issue with wifi connection

I’m on my third replacement oven. Sometimes, it trips the GFCI and afterwards, will only work if I reset it and don’t attempt to connect it to my wifi.

It is a strange issue to have. If I don’t use the smart features, I don’t have any problems at all. But that is a primary selling point for the device.

Any attempt to connect it to the app will cause it to stop working and, therefore need to be reset.

It is interesting that I am having connection / reconnection issues with my APC at this moment. And that Zendesk has gotten into the middle of it somehow. It is good that I am learning to get along without the ‘smart’ features.

Speaking as a once journeyman electrician your APO must not trip the GFCI. You might consider having an licensed electrician look at your wiring.

At the moment my ANOVA app - that I just deleted and reloaded - is stuck at a blank screen from TRY TO RECONNECT

Somewhere here it is said that APC uses Bluetooth, and I certainly get notifications that MAY come via BT. I know well all of my connected BT devices and have never seen an ANOVA device in my BT connected devices.

I’m going to have it looked at.

This last time, I decided to wait a few months before contacting support…to see if the issue with the gfci would happen. It did not. It only happens when the devices is connected to wifi. Any guesses?

Not from me.

There is no clear relation between WiFi and GFCI. GFCI interrupts the circuit when there is MICROAMPS of current from the device to ground.

The GFCI does not get tired and is not a circuit breaker. It is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

I wonder if it could potentially be some sort of issue with the wifi antenna or even something with the computer board that causes a short?