Precision Oven door would not open

Was cooking for the first time chicken breasts from recipe from app. Went through the stages and when the app signed the cooking was done. But the system did not shut off and the display appeared to be in cooking mode and I could not shut it off. The right on off icon would not release the door.
I could not find an on off switch on oven or app. This I pulled the power shutting off the oven to get the door released . Has anyone had a similar experience ? BTW when reaching out to customer support they will not allow you to speak with tech support or anyone on the Oven team, you can only email them.
Is that right no way the speak to tech support!

Hi! The Oven will turn off my pushing the Play/Pause button on the right of the handle, as well as “Stop” inside the app. The door is not locked during cooking, that seems like a separate issue. It looks like customer support will get back to you ASAP

Cole, it’s been a frequent observation here that enthusiastic new Anova users frequently share similar operational challenges that demonstrate a lack familiarity with basic equipment details.

For those that don’t read manuals, is there a card packed with the oven that provides a quick before-you-start-here’s-what-you-need-to-know?

Might help.

FWIW: My oven door doesn’t have any sort of locking in any mode.

Owners have noted that at the end of time the oven does not turn off. I personally have posted that I would like this to change or be an option. So it would appear this is by design.

On my oven the off button needs a long press to turn off. Short press to turn on. I’ve noted in another thread that I think this should be adjusted for less sensitivity (bounce) in the firmware.