Precision Oven vs Precision Cooker

I am comparing the cooking times and temperatures for both devices (using the sous vide mode on the oven). They differ greatly - I thought the oven in sous vide mode would be the same as the cooker. The cooker recipes call for between 128 and 132 degrees and cooking from 5 3/4 to 7 hours. The oven in sous vide mode calls for 140 degrees and cooking for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Will I get the same results with the higher temperature in the oven. Thanks…

Firstly, you should know that the Support forum isn’t actually monitored by Anova’s support staff. If you actually want to contact Anova Support, you need to use the Support option at the top of the page and either e-mail or call them. Only Anova customers on here.

I’m actually not a proponent of the oven (and speaking out of ignorance) as I honestly don’t see the point. It isn’t sous vide. Calling a steam convection oven sous vide is, in my humble opinion, foolhardy and misleading.

No, you definitely won’t get the same results.

Additionally, I’d be a little concerned over such a short cooking time. The cooking times in sous vide are based on level of doneness and thickness of what you’re cooking (and food safety is part of that). If you’re not cooking something long enough to ensure it’s cooked all of the way through, then you run the risk of the centre being uncooked - or not cooked enough to be completely safe. (true, most pathogens tend to be on the surface of meats - at least those that are whole, not ground or chopped).

The “magic” of sous vide is in cooking things “low and slow” - for longer periods of time (mostly - fish and eggs, not so much) :slight_smile: What it does to red meats and poultry is wonderful. I don’t see the oven replicating that result, no matter the marketing hype. :slight_smile:

(I’ve been using an Anova Precision Cooker for about 6 years) :slight_smile: Not the same one - sold my original one after 3 years as I relocated. :slight_smile:

There is no difference in cook times when using sous vide recipes in the APO. Those recipes are simply suggestions, not end all be all directions. So in short, no, cooking at 140 for 1 hour will be different than 132 for 5 hours, but you can use either one and see what you like best! or create your own

Anova is here :slight_smile: You can learn more about sous vide express in the APO here! The results are SO similar! Sous Vide Mode | Anova Culinary

Every sous vide recipe for any time and temp works exactly the same in the APO. There is also sous vide express mode which allows you to cook hotter and monitor the internal temp with a probe. Both are fantastic options it simply depends on your schedule, preference, and level of adventure!